Monday, November 12, 2012

Review: Dlê Cosmetics LightUpGloss in Pink Fetissh

I'm a huge sucker for lip glosses (and lip balms) even though I know that I probably shouldn't be adding more to my collection,  when I was told about this, I couldn't help myself. I don't know much about this brand but I was told that the reasoning behind this brand was to create a line of cosmetics that didn't have fillers. They wanted to put out products that were fun -- the lip gloss in particular was created in order to avoid late night application mistakes. As a result, the lipgloss has a light built into the cap with a mirror along the side.

The tube I got was full sized of the Pink Fetissh. It's a light coloured pink, looks like it has a lot of shimmer (no glitter), and is on the sheer side. I would have done a swatch but... if you've been with me for a while then you know that that colour likely didn't show up. So my review will focus on the packaging and the moisturizing aspects of this lip gloss. 

The light is very bright. I thought that it would be similar to that of Physicians Formula's Matchmaker Lip Gloss which changes with the light. I almost wish I had a shot of the light on the PF lip gloss, but trust me when I say, this one is much brighter. Another difference is that the PF lip gloss has a button with which you can turn the light on and off whereas the Dlê cannot be turned off or off. There are two small buttons whereby when the cap is screwed back on the light turns off. 

I turned off all the lights in the bathroom and then tried to apply the lip gloss with the light provided by the cap and the mirror on the side. Great concept and it was well executed but I do wish I had a darker colour to test out. Due to the colour being so light, this wouldn't be something that I was afraid of putting on freehand without a mirror. I imagine that with a darker colour like perhaps the Poison Apple or Coral Me Bad, I'd be a bit more discerning on the mirror and light.

But I do like it the lip gloss and the packaging was great. The formula itself is incredibly moisturizing. If you look at the list of ingredients, there are a lot of oils at the top of the list: Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Jojoba Oil, Beeswax, and Sunflower Seed Oil. I can feel it on my lips hours later which is something I usually only get from lip balms. I was able to use it as intended (such as applying it in the complete dark) but something with more pigmentation would be nice. I do think that I could add an eyeshadow (that is specifically lip safe) to give it a bit of colour. Below is a picture of the lip gloss on me.

These products are slated to be featured in an upcoming Kara's Way box and was given to me complementary for my evaluation.

Product: Dlê Cosmetics LightUpGloss in Pink Fetissh
Price: $8.95
Would Recommend? Yes, but not for the colour rather for the packaging and the formula.
Takeaway: Great formula, as in it is very moisturizing, and it's such a great package in general. The colour pigmentation leaves something to be desired but overall, I rather like it's performance. 

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