Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Series 3: A Work in Progress

In all honesty, I've kind of been moping around lately. I blended the first one in this series (Raiya) back in April but just didn't get around to finishing the rest of the series. Yesterday I buckled down and finished it out however I'm still on the fence about the final colour: Lei.

As with the previous series, these were all blended for myself or my friends so the names follow suit. First up, was Raiya. The inspiration at best was cherry blossoms, but I was unable to secure pink flower shaped pieces of glitter so instead I incorporated butterflies into a pink base. It didn't come out right the first few tries but finally I got it to where I wanted it to be.

The second and third was Amy and Anita, respectively. "Amy" took two tries to get it right, but it got to the right colour almost immediately. Anita, came out exactly right the first time round.

The final one in the series was Lei, which didn't quite turn out the way I wanted it to. It came out a bit too blue rather than the teal I wanted (it was intended for it to be closer to Anita). On top of that, I'm a bit worried about the mixture itself since it came out so... incorrect. I will likely revisit it soon as Lei would be the end to Series 3. Until then, the series is incomplete. 

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