Friday, July 19, 2013

More Hauls!

Today I got home and I was super excited to find some packages awaiting me! (Okay, well, yesterday I got some packages too that made me really happy but these are actually related to this blog). Anyhow, I opened up my Zoya shipment first and I figured that I might as well show some of my latest nail polish acquisitions during my hiatus.

From Zoya (and therefore from left to right), I got Darcy, Liberty (Pixie Dust), and Faye. From OPI I picked up Every Month is Ocktoberfest and Vesper (Liquid Sand). And finally I grabbed Sally Hansen's Sugar Coat in the Spare-A-Mint colour. The Pixie Dust, Liquid Sand, and Sugar Coat are new territories for me since I've never really tried texture nail polishes before.

Today I also received my order from Sephora! I'm super excited about this one as it is the supposed final princess in the Sephora Disney Reigning Beauties. Now, unfortunately I won't be taking too many photos of this one since these are actually a gift but I figured I'd at least show you it. Below is the compact and the nail polish set for the Ariel line.

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