Monday, June 11, 2012

Kara's Way: May Box

This comes a full month (or something like that) after the box launched. In my post "Some Other Updates," I mentioned that I helped packed the boxes. I did however want to post some reviews about the actual samples in the box especially since I a few of them on a regular basis. Naturally there comes a disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Kara's Way and I am not reimbursed for writing this blog. I am, however, a self-proclaimed "Kara's Way Minion" which is my clever way of saying, I work for free for my friend who runs Kara's Way.

I haven't tried everything just yet but I'll try to keep the posts linked that have to do with the samples that were in the Kara's Way box. Onto the reviews! (Update: You can read the rest of the reviews here.)

Notice the nail polish is missing already. I'm an addict.

Honeybee Gardens Non Peel Off Polish
Product Pricing: You receive a full size which costs $9.99.
Thoughts: I got the colour "Burlesque" which is a fuchsia sparkle. I love the concept and I do see myself ordering from this company in the future. I personally love shades of blue, green, purple, and black so I was a bit hesitant to try it out. But I love nail polish and there's no way I wasn't going to try it. Yeah, it didn't look good on me. Given my yellow undertones, it came off as a bright orange. Not flattering at all but the nail polish in itself has a good formula and the idea of switching to a water-based nail polish pleases me. It does have a faint scent of those peel off nail polishes that I had when I was younger.

Naturelle d'Argan 100% Pure Argan Oil
Product Pricing: You get an 8 mL bottle but for retail 1.70 Fl oz goes for $48.99.
Thoughts: Argan oil is a staple around me. I've tried a variety of different types and loved them all and this is no exception. What does make it stand apart though is it's general use. Most Argan oil that I come across are specifically created for use on hair so a bunch of additives are in there specific for that purpose. This kind is great for your hair, nails, or skin. The website even suggests you can add it into your lotion if you needed a bit more of a boost.

Thayers Alcohol Free Cucumber Witch Hazel Toner
Product Pricing: 2 Fl Oz sample bottle and it looks as though it goes for ~$7 for the 12 oz.
Thoughts: I had tested this out a while ago and I use it in conjunction with my Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque. I love it! No complaints here. Especially after a refreshing mask, this is wonderful -- and works great if you want to refresh your skin in the warm weather.

LA Fresh Oil-Free Face Cleanser
Product Pricing: You get one sample and an order of 20 packets costs $9.99.
Thoughts: This actually feels very refreshing, it can be a little bit drying but overall left my face feeling very clean. A tiny bit of moisturizer and you'd be all set to go. Overall, I was pretty pleased with it and actually I think it would be fantastic for hiking, camping, or travelling.

LA Fresh Acetone-Free Nail Polish Remover
Product Pricing: You get one sample and an order of 18 packets costs $9.99.
Thoughts: I couldn't wait to try this out because I love nail polish but I hate how drying the removers can be. I wanted to try an alternative and I already knew that everyone who reviewed it said you'd absolutely need to use two pads in order to cover all 10 nails. Doesn't help that I was removing bright blue nail polish but yeah, it took so long to take off the nail polish. Maybe it was about 10 minutes and even then I couldn't get the nail polish fully removed. LOVED how my fingers felt afterward though because it does leave them feeling very conditioned, just doesn't work so well to remove nail polish. So that's up to you if you want to compromise or not. I'm still going to attempt trying other non-acetone and "healthier" nail polish removers though.

Keeki Pure and Simple Sassy Shimmer Stick
Product Pricing: You receive a full size which costs $6.99.
Thoughts: This tube is the Golden Glow which means that... it's all shimmer. The colour quickly vanishes (I'm not sure if there's supposed to be one) leaving me with lips of shimmer. My boyfriend is going to love the planned attacks I have in store. That aside, it's all organic and feels good -- it moisturizes well and lasts long. I really like this product, especially since my previous lip balm was on it's last leg. I can't wait to order from this company (mostly because I'm seeing a huge list of nail polishes and I really can't help myself).

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