Sunday, October 13, 2013

October Hauls

I had been holding out as I anxiously await my order from Darling Girl Cosmetics to post some of the nifty new items I've purchased this month. I figured that there's no fun in waiting any longer since I've got some nifty new Halloween items to share. 

This year the Halloween pickings seem a bit slim though. While there's been lots of Halloween inspired eyeshadow collections that have come out, I have seen much else which is a bit sad. I did find a few new things to add though!

Sinful Colors: Faceted, Black Magic, & Glow in the Dark
Sinful Shine: Mirror Mirror, & Go Glossy

Sinful Colors: Irish Green
Sinful Colors Nail Art: Time Off, Sunset, & Bad Chick

Book of Shadows: The Dying Pilgrim & The Damned Souls

I've posted about Sinful Colors before so I won't get too much into that. The new additions that I am excited about is the two magnetic palettes from Book of Shadows. The two that I opted for are from the Silent Hill collection and they are quite sturdy. They don't strike me as being water resistant (not that I would test them for that), and don't seem like they would travel well unless they were in a train case. I do love them though and I think that they are a great addition to my collection in terms of organization. I do know that the UNII palette is a bit better for my travel needs but at least it will keep my train case in order. 

The eyeshadows pictured in the palette are from Shiro Cosmetics' Halloween 2012 collection. They come in loose form but I decided to press them in order to store it better. On the top is Pumpkin King, and from left to right on the bottom is Ragdoll, Oogie Boogie, and Finklestein. They are all available with this year's collection along with two new eyeshadows and a new lip gloss (Shiro Cosmetics, Halloween 2013).

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