Sunday, October 20, 2013

A Halloween Rant

I had been holding out on my annual Halloween rant because I held out the hope that perhaps, just maybe, stores were waiting till we got closer to Halloween to start putting out Halloween inspired makeup. But I guess that all of makeup land (with the exception of indie companies) has decided to skip it in favour of Christmas. Go figure.

This was from last year. It seems to have
not made it into production this year.
Every year around this time, I stock up on a few things: all things pumpkin and/or marshmallow. Oh yeah, and that's when I take a concrete approach to my entire makeup collection and check what I have along with what I need, and what needs to be replaced. Why? Because executing some looks for Halloween expands one's capability and tests thew quality along with the longevity of makeup. Seriously, think about it. You need these makeup creations to last all throughout Halloween night and it's a great test to not just what you can create, but how well makeup fares. So, each year, I think about the colours in my costume, what I need to execute on, test the makeup I currently have and prepare by creating a list of what I'll need. 

This year upon reviewing my collection, I realized that I hadn't replaced a lot of the colours that I gave away (yes, I still routinely prune my collection which involves giving items away to my friends or donating it if it hasn't been used). On top of that, longevity is key -- this year we're doing Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party and a regular Halloween party so my costume needs to be on point. 

So this year for Captain Hook (which is just me repurposing an old costume), I need to make sure my makeup is on point because I will get all of the candy. Moving on, this means that were looking to stay at Disneyland for hours and if you've ever tried to touch your makeup at a park, you know that it's somewhat difficult. Which means that all of my top notch makeup is going with me. 

Back to my rant: This is why whenever you read my posts, I talk about traveling or just being able to carry makeup around. Sure, I can create custom palettes by depotting or pressing myself but golly is it tiring to do that. All I'm asking from companies is to just put together a legit Halloween palette. Perhaps toss in some awesome lipsticks and lip liners too. But really the question to them is simply:

Why must you hate on Halloween and skip it in favour of Christmas palettes? There's a market out there for it -- I can assure you it exists. Perhaps you think that they don't sell well, but maybe you need to stop selling palettes full of neutrals during October when people are looking for brights, bolds, darks, and everything else. 

I don't need a Christmas inspired palette right now. I need a Halloween palette with black, orange, purple, green, and white. Sure, toss in some other colours, but I need for them to be dark and I need them to varied. 

So, since regular companies haven't stepped up their game, here's a shout out to some of the few indie companies who understand their customers needs. Please note that I haven't ordered from all of these places so I've placed an asterisk by the ones that I have tried. I'm also not linking their Halloween or Seasonal page directly since it might go away depending on the time of the year. >_<

And for the other items! (Again, this list is only for indie companies and I'll add an asterisk to the ones I've tried myself).

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