Friday, May 25, 2012

Review: Kérastase Age Premium

My friend ordered the Gossip Girl Birchbox and instinctively knew that based on her profile, she'd be getting the Kérastase Age Premium samples and had no use for them. Now in a pre-haircut world, I was and still am pretty comfortable with trying out anything on my hair so long as it wouldn't weigh down my hair. The verbiage that I use will be in reference to when my hair was long as I have yet to use the samples on my short hair.

What I did to start was that I dabbed a bit of the Masque Substantif prior to washing my hair and mostly to work it into the ends of my (then) long hair. After running around for about 10 minutes getting other things into order, I grabbed the Bain Substantif (shampoo) and worked it in. The texture and consistency is that of normal shampoo so there was nothing uniquely remarkable about that. It does create a substantial lather so I was pretty content with it's performance.

Now here's where I deviated yet again. See I didn't get the sample box so I didn't get instructions as to what to do with the masque. I know, it's a masque, but do I use it before I shower (like other hair treatments) or after? I wasn't sure and that's why initially I dabbed a bit on the ends so in that way, I could have both bases covered. Looking at Birchbox's website now, I realized that it goes on afterward, which makes me happy that that is exactly what I did.

I grabbed the remainder of the Masque Substantif, rubbed it in and allowed it to sit for a bit before washing it off. It's recommended you let it sit for 5-10 minutes and I opted for 5 minutes (one of the masques I use require you let it sit for 20 minutes but I was running late that morning and couldn't spare a minute longer than 5 so I just kind of lucked out). Since I let my hair air dry, I didn't notice any real differences till later on in the day.

Over the day as my hair dried I noticed that it was a bit more lighter in weight and fluffy (but not frizzy). Which is a good thing. I rather liked how my hair felt overall but I admit I wasn't sure what set this apart from other things that I do to my hair. In other words, there wasn't a noticeable difference. Sure my hair felt a bit lighter and fluffier, but it also feels the same way after I use Lush's Jasmin & Henna Fluff-Eaze so I'm definitely not sure if this in the cards for being for long term use.

Product: Kérastase Age Premium Brain Substantif
Price: $36
Would Recommend? No
Takeaway: I can't speak about the extended use of this product since I only had a sample, but for the two times I did use it, I really wasn't that blown away by it.

Product: Kérastase Age Premium Masque Substantif
Price: $60
Would Recommend? No
Takeaway: I can't speak about the extended use of this product since I only had a sample. Just like the product above, I really wasn't that impressed by it. It does a good job, sure, but not better than other products I've seen that are much cheaper.

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