Saturday, February 18, 2012

Review: e.l.f. Essential Waterproof Eyeliner Pen

I can't believe that I have yet to post a review on this one. I've been using it for just about three weeks and I've been very happy with it's performance. In fact, it's probably now an official staple which is why I probably forgot to write about it.

For starters, I wasn't sure how it was going to work out but during the 50% sale, I figured that for 50 cents, it was worth trying out. I only got the eyeliner pen in black and at first, I accidentally stored it upright which meant that when I tried it out for the first time (after the swatches), I thought it was all dried out. I admit at that point I was a bit disappointed, so I tossed it aside (on its side) then grabbed the e.l.f. liquid eyeliner to use instead. A few days after I picked it up to inspect it because I figured there was no way it had already dried out. Of course, being on it's side, the liquid inside came back into the felt tip and it was working again. Obviously, don't store it upright. >_<

Since that minor mishap (which was my fault) I've used it in place of my tokidoki Perfetto eyeliner (which I love). It's easy to apply, glides on, and the tip remains fine. No issues in the initial use and it lasts throughout the day. But let's examine the waterproof aspect. If you try to remove it within a few minutes of application, it really does act like it's waterproof. I had to get the swatches off with the use of soap and that was within half an hour of application. I was kind of happy knowing that this eyeliner really was waterproof.

Except that if you wear it for a whole work day, that part about it being waterproof doesn't last. After 8 hours, the eyeliner will still hold up and look just as good as when you first applied it. It will no longer be waterproof though, as evidenced by how fast it came off when I was washing my face. I won't hold this against the product though; after all we are talking about an eyeliner lasting 8+ hours but if you were looking for something that really is waterproof, then this might be a slight gamble.

It's not as good as Perfetto but it's close enough that if you wanted to keep a spare around, this might just be it. Especially since its normal retail price is a dollar.

Price: $1 
Would Recommend? Yes 
Takeaway: Easy to apply, fine tip, and it lasts all day without any smudging. I haven't encountered any problems with this one.

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