Sunday, August 26, 2012

Tool Kit!

A few weeks ago my boyfriend took me to Target where I was intent on getting a tool kit. I had been researching them online and I had finally narrowed it down to the Stanley Ultimate Tool Kit in purple but they only ship the item to stores and sadly there is no Walmart nearby. So I figured I'd just find one at Target and sure enough, they carried a slim selection. After much deliberation between a Durabuilt Household Tool Set (with the 4.8 volt cordless screwdriver; which had all the pieces I'd want but was a name I was unfamiliar with) or the Black & Decker 133-pc. 18V Home Project Kit (which is a brand I trust, but didn't have all the items I usually want). I ended up going with the Durabuilt kit but upon inspecting it when I got home I ended up not liking the basic... feel of some of the pieces.

About two weeks later we ended up returning it and instead going to Home Depot but the sad thing was that they don't really carry starter tool kits. They carry one for the Husky brand but not for anything else, which really frustrated me. We did find some decent Husky tool kits but then the one item I used the most -- the hammer -- just looked flimsy. And truth be told, based off my old kit, I wanted a much better hammer. I must have spent 30 minutes in the aisle trying to figure out whether or not I should get the tool kit.

In the end, I got the Husky 123-Piece Multi-Purpose Tool Set (even though I hate the damn hammer) but overall, I love all the other pieces. I now own two hammers, neither of which I like but one day perhaps, I'll get the Husky 20 oz. Steel Rip Hammer.

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  1. I bought myself a toolbox at Walmart and every week or so I would peruse the tool aisle and pick up one tool that I really liked or needed. After some months of doing that I had a full toolbox of items that were close to perfect. Now I can go to my toolbox and find everything from a hammer to a heavy duty stapler to a battery tester to a level and on and on. Gotta love having the tools you need at your fingertips, eh?



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