Saturday, December 14, 2013

Dreamworld Hermetica Avalon Matte Samples

Items were received by Dreamworld Hermetica complimentary.

A while ago, Dreamworld Hermetica was looking for testers for their new matte line and volunteered. Unfortunately, life caught up with me and I was unable to provide my feedback in a timely manner. While I did swatch the samples, I have had very little time to experiment much with it. Hopefully later this weekend, I'll have more to show you. For the time being though, here are the swatches!

This particular line is the Avalon Mattes and each colour is marvellously brilliant. At first I thought I'd be receiving a few samples but definitely not the whole collection which was previously unreleased. In addition to each eyeshadow, the company sent an eye primer, and a jar of both Mistletoe and Grendel's Mother (which are from the Medieval Collection). Below you'll find the entire series along with the swatches. Please remember that you can click on the pictures to enlarge them a bit. 

Apple Island, Avalon Nyght, Laird, Sayge, Small Sea, and The Grove.

Ygraine, Woad, Noble, Chalice, Blade, and Avalon Sunset.

Arthur's Shield, Druid's Earth, Into the Myst, Pagan, Round Table, Grendel's Mother, and Mistletoe.

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